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The Investigative Services Division is commanded by Deputy Chief James O'Bryant

The Investigative Services Division handles all major crime investigations from felony thefts to homicides.  The division has two main bureaus, several sections, and multiple units comprised of a wide variety of personnel.  Detectives specialize in property crimes, crimes against persons, sexual assaults, vice narcotics, gang affiliations, and crime scene evidence collection.  As with many parts of the Toledo Police Department, civilian personnel work side by side with sworn officers to enhance efficiency and provide better services to the community.


The Investigations Bureau is commanded by Captain Dave Mueller  

  • Crimes Against Persons Section:
    • Special Victims Unit handles sexual assaults
    • Scientific Investigations Unit handles crime scene evidence collection
    • Cold Case Office reviews previously unsolved cases and applies new technologies that might help bring the suspect(s) to justice.
    • Domestic Violence Office handles domestic violence cases, following up on initial reports or arrests by field operations officers.
    • NW Ohio Violent Crimes Task Force works with several local agencies along with the U.S. Marshals Service.
    • Missing Persons Office investigates at risk missing persons.
    • Forensics Lab analyzes evidence.
  • Property Investigations Section:
    • Burglary Unit investigates residential burglaries and follows up on field operations reports.
    • Theft Unit investigates major thefts from private and business properties.
    • Auto Theft Unit is responsible for investigating auto theft operations.
    • Video Office responds to scenes to collect surveillance footage that potentially captured a crime in progress.


The Special Operations Bureau is commanded by Captain Jeffrey Pachell

  • NW Ohio Bomb Squad
  • Special Investigations Section
    • Metro Drug Task Force is comprised of local and federal narcotics detectives that focus on long term drug investigations.
    • Special Intelligence Group conducts covert investigations.
    • Forfeiture/Bulk Cash Office investigates potential seizures of property or currency used in criminal activities.
  • Special Operations Section
    • Tactical Operations Team is more widely know as SWAT.  The Tactical Operations Teams execute high risk search warrants, handle barricaded persons, and respond to any incident that requires tactical resolution.
    • Drug and Gang Reduction Team is a new version of the old Gang Unit.  DAGR detectives have more investigative responsibilites to help suppress gang activities.
  • Criminal Intelligence Section uses Data Driven Policing to identify and then eradicate criminal activities.

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