The History of the Toledo Police DepartmentOLDMC1

The origins of the Toledo Police Department can be traced to 1837 when the first City Charter was written and Calvin Comstock was appointed first City Marshal. He was the ranking law enforcement officer for the City from April 24, 1837 until 1867, when the position of City Marshal of Toledo was abolished by an act of the Ohio Legislature.

Toledo's Fraternal Order of Police website states, “The law of the wilderness was abandoned once Toledo became a chartered City. When the  hearty band of settlers in this region agreed upon the charter for the City, law enforcement  amounted to the appointment of one City Marshal, Calvin Comstock. He stood alone supposedly ready to battle ruffians, thieves and hoodlums. What threat his presence imposed in the fledgling settlement of Toledo, is unknown.”  Prior to Comstock, justice was administered by the Justice of the Peace.

With the advent of state laws regulating police service, Toledo formed a professional police department and continued to grow as the city prospered. The Toledo Police Department has been and continues to be recognized as a leader in law enforcement.