tpdpatch 50x4The Toledo Police Department's Community Services Section offers programs to help citizens of all ages succeed in creating a better community for all. Below are links to the different programs:

Community Services Contact Phone Numbers:

Community Services
School Resource Officers
419-382-0624 ext. 1237

Community Services Command Staff

Ottawa Park Substation

2145 N. Cove Boulevard
Toledo, Ohio 43606

Command Officers

   Phone Number  Email Address
Lieutenant Lt. Kelli Russell 419-936-2933
Community Services and RSVP Sergeant Sgt. Bill Cashen 419-245-1119
PAL Sergeant Sgt. Ron Paris 419-214-9022 Toledo PAL website
School and Youth Resource Sergeant Sgt. Bill Windnagle 419-936-3850

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Community Service Officers

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Community Service Officer Phone Number Email Address
Sector 1  Justin Siminiak 419-936-2722 
Sector 2 Hassane Cheaib 419-245-3366
Sector 3 Douglas Schwab 419-936-2992
Sector 4 Mohamad Nasser 419-245-1165 
Sector 5 Cliff Warstler 419-936-2949
Sector 6 Candace Andrei 419-936-2724
Sector 7 Emily Felser 419-936-3447
Sector 8 Vacant, call any of the above    

School Resource Officers (SROs)


 School Resource Officer

 Phone Number Email Address
Bowsher High School Ryan Tierney 419-671-2000
Rogers High School Anthony Foley 419-671-1000
Start High School Stephen Bates 419-671-3000
Scott High School Caryn Lawson 419-671-4000
Waite High School Mathew Naujock 419-671-7000
Whitmer High School Richard Kovacs 419-473-8490 
Woodward High School Hannah Kynard 419-671-6000

Police Athletic League (PAL)

1111 E Manhattan Blvd
Toledo, Ohio 43608


PAL Officer Phone Number Email Address
Kim Darrington 419-276-4764

Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP)

2155 Arlington Ave.
Toledo, Ohio 43609

419-382-0624 ext. 1237

RSVP Officer Phone Number Email Address
Melissa Stephens 419-382-0624 ext. 1236