Link Toledo is a new public safety program enabling the people of Toledo to help keep their community safe. Click here to visit the site:

Your participation will greatly enhance emergency preparedness by enabling police, fire, and public safety professionals to better assess and rapidly respond to criminal activity and emergency situations. It will also enable investigators to easily gather evidence in case of an incident.

-          LINK TOLEDO is a modern approach to building partnerships within the community.

-          Includes a camera registry website where community members can register their cameras and provide TPD with time saving investigative capabilities.

-          Blends real-time crime fighting and community policing to increase officer safety and situational awareness.

-          Strengthens the Toledo Police Department’s efforts to deter, identify, and solve crime as well as improving neighborhood safety.

-          Builds stronger partnerships between police and businesses, schools, public and private organizations.

-          Live and recorded public facing video feeds can be shared with Toledo Police Department for emergency response and crime deterrence.