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4 Tracey Britt 419-936-3682

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Meet Your East Toledo Community Services Officer

Hello East Toledo!  My name is Tracey Britt, and I am your Community Services Officer

A little about me.... I joined TPD in October 1994 and worked Field Operations for 20 years (15 of those years on the Midnight Shift in a patrol wagon in the North End and East Side).  In 2014, I decided to work on the Day Shift, and what I saw in my district was depressing.  I saw blight, graffiti, litter, abandoned houses, crumbling buildings (all the things that aren't readily visible in the dark on midnights).  I had worked on the street for 20 years, and the streets looked WORSE than when I started.  I wanted to do something to change that, so I bid into the Community Services Section and became a CSO. 

What is a Community Services Officer?  

I see it as a cross between law enforcement and community relations. At present, there are 10 Community Services Officers, and each one is assigned to a different part of the City.  I am assigned specifically to East Toledo.  I am here to help people connect to other city departments, services, or organizations to solve problems so that our communities are stronger, safer, and more resilient.  

So What Can I Do To Help You?

Do you want to start a neighborhood organization and meet to discuss issues?  Do you want to conduct a Safety Audit of your block? Do you want to hold a monthly Neighborhood Clean-Up?  Do you have a problem property on your block that needs more attention?  What does your neighborhood need to make it better? Call me at (419) 936-3682 , or e-mail and let's work together to make your neighborhood cleaner, safer, and more valuable.  

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Did you know that you can check Crime Stats for your area?  Here's How: Click Here and follow the link to the LexisNexis Community Crime Map. 
Check out the highlighted areas in the picture above..... in the column on the left you can input your address, then work your way through the drop-down menus to select your preferences.   
Are you considering a move to a new neighborhood?  Input the prospective new address and then check out the stats. You can use this mapping tool to check around your home, school, or place of employment to get a better picture of what is happening in the area.

Would you like Crime Alerts sent to your email?  Click on the tab in the top right corner, then input your information in the drop-down form.  It's just that easy!  

Stay informed and stay safe!  

Signed,  Your Friendly Neighborhood CSO, Officer Britt